What is a transition meeting or conference?

You should get a Transition Planning Conference 90 days before your case closes or 90 days before you turn 18 years old — whichever comes first (OR before you age out of guardianship with a non-related legal guardian).

If you are about to turn 18 years old and you have not had a Transition Planning Conference, contact your attorney right away to ensure that this important meeting is scheduled.  Your attorney can discuss with you the things you want to make sure to address at the Transition Planning Conference.

During the Transition Planning Conference, a 90-Day Transition Plan (90-Day TP) is developed to help you identify short- and long-term educational, occupational and personal goals.

Click the links to find out what needs to be discussed and what documents you should receive at this meeting.   If any documents or services have not been provided to you, make sure that these are documented in the 90-Day TP and that a responsible person is identified to help you access them.

Your CSW is required to be present at the meeting. There is also usually a facilitator who will help write down what happens.  You can also invite your family, friends, attorney, advocate, TC, or any member from the community.  With the input of these trusted people, you can design your own 90-Day TP.  If your case remains open after 90 days, your CSW should continue to work on updating your TILP with you.

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