What are some things I can do to make certain I graduate with a diploma?

Here are 4 steps to making sure you can get your high school diploma.

  1. Make sure to ask your high school counselor each semester if you are on track to graduate!
  2. Request a copy of your transcript each semester to check your credits. Please click here for a Records Request you can use to get your transcript.
  3. Ask for help, attend school regularly, and study hard. If you are struggling with a class, talk to your teachers, use the tutoring services that are listed in this manual, and take advantage of any after-school or weekend classes.
  4. Make sure you are enrolled in A-G courses. These are needed to go to a California State University or a University of California (like UCLA)! In LAUSD, you must be provided with the opportunity to take the A-G curriculum. Please click here for an explanation of A-G courses!


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