Will I still have Medi-Cal when my case closes?

Yes.  As a current or former foster youth, you are eligible for extended Medi-Cal services up to the age of 26 if you were in foster care when you turned 18.  However, you must be living in the state of California in order to continue receiving Medi-Cal coverage.  Other states may have similar health insurance programs.  You may lose your eligibility for Medi-Cal if you are in jail or prison, live in a residential treatment facility, live outside of California, or if you are undocumented (meaning you do not have legal permission to live or work in the United States).

NOTE: You must have a medical and dental exam three months before your case closes.  If you have not had a medical or dental exam and your case is about to close, please let your CSW, PO, or attorney know so that they can arrange to have these appointments scheduled for you.  Also, your CSW or attorney can ensure that your Medi-Cal coverage is extended.


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