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My Education

My Education

DesireeI realized my life was about struggling through challenges that I had no control over…. With time, I’ve grown to realize that I am able to change my life with my education.” — Desiree

T he first step to a successful transition from foster care is graduation from high school. There are a number of reasons that high school is important to your success in life. Compared to high school graduates, high school dropouts are more likely to have a harder time getting a job and make less money.

Did you know: High school graduates earn about 34 percent more than those without a high school diploma. College graduates make 132 percent more! Over a lifetime it all adds up.

Without a high school education, you will find it more difficult to obtain a job that will allow you to afford the cost of living on your own and/or attend the college of your choice. It is important that you know your educational rights and do everything you can to finish your requirements for high school.

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