What services must my social worker or probation officer provide me before my case closes?

Remember, your CSW must hold a Transition Planning Conference with you no more than 90 days and no fewer than 30 days before the court hearing recommending that your case be closed. It is also recommended that you have a Transition Conference 90 days before you turn 18, even if you plan on keeping your case open.  The purpose of this conference is for you to participate in developing a plan just for you on your options for housing, health insurance, education, employment, mentorship, and continuing support when you become independent.  You can invite whomever you like to participate in the Transition Planning Conference and to help support your transition to independence.

NOTE: the Court should not terminate your dependency case unless: (1) you are in court (or you stated you do not wish to be there); (2) you have received the necessary documents and (3) your CSW has helped you with the following services:

  • Completing an application for Medi-Cal or other health insurance
  • Referring you to transitional housing
  • Helping you obtain a job
  • Applying for admission to college or a vocational program and obtaining financial aid
  • Maintaining relationships with people that are important to you (like your siblings or school counselor)
  • Registering to vote
  • Registering for Selective Service or Alternate Service
  • Receiving a medical and dental examination
  • Completing and filing an application for Supplemental Security Income (this only applies to you if you have an eligible disability)
  • Completing an application for CalFresh benefits (if you are eligible and want them) and sending the application to the Department of Public Social Services (“DPSS”) once the Court terminates its jurisdiction.   If you get SSI benefits or are undocumented, you unfortunately cannot get CalFresh benefits. You may also qualify for CalFresh if you are living in a SILP under AB12. DPSS cannot approve your CalFresh application if you are still in foster care unless you are in a SILP (click here for more information about SILPs)
  • Information notifying you that current and former foster youth are given preference for student assistance and internship positions with state agencies until you are 26.
  • Connecting you to your TC so you can continue to access ILP services.

Under AB12, you have the right to keep your case open after 18, as long as you are eligible. Click here for more information.  If your case closes, and you later want to re-enter the system, you can do that if eligible.  Starting in 2015, if you were in a guardianship at the age of 18, but your guardian dies or stops supporting you, you may be able to re-enter foster care too!  See http://kids-alliance.org.s158366.gridserver.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/SW-Coming-Back-into-Extended-Foster-Care.pdf for more information.