What important documents must my social worker or probation officer provide me before my case closes?

Before your case closes, your CSW must also give you all of the following documents:

  •       A certified copy of your Birth Certificate
  •       A Death Certificate for any deceased parent(s)
  •       Original Social Security Card
  •       An advanced health care directive form
  •       The Judicial Counsel form you would use to file a petition to reopen your case
  •       Written Transition Plan
  •       Official California Identification Card (or Driver’s License): your CSW must provide you with form       DL 937, Verification for Reduced Fee Identification Card.  This form allows you to pay a                       reduced fee of $6 for your ID card instead of $20.
  •       Proof of Citizenship or Residence: If you were not born in the United States, your CSW should have             referred you to the Special Immigrant Status Unit (“SIS”) for help in getting a “green card.”  A green card           allows you to work and live in the United States without fear of being deported.  If you never received a               green card, please contact Cecilia Saco at (323) 725-4679 for help in getting one immediately.  If you are a         probation youth and need help getting a green card,   please contact Public Counsel immediately.
  •       Proof of County Dependency Status (proof that you were a foster youth)
  •       Your CSW can certify your dependency status via a Ward of the Court Verification Letter.
  •       Your Health and Education Summary, including the name(s) of all of the medication(s) prescribed        to you, instructions on how to properly use your medication(s) and where to get refills, and your                            education and medical records.
  •       Original Medi-Cal Card
  •       Written information about your Family History
  •       Written information about your Placement History
  •       Written information about the Whereabouts of your Siblings
  •       Written information on how to Access the Documents in your DCFS File 
  •       The Name and Contact Information of your DPSS Outreach Worker: If you are applying for                food stamps, you’ll need this information if you have questions about your application or move homes.
  •      The Judicial Council form you would use to file a 388 Petition to resume dependency              jurisdiction

If your case is about to close and you still have not received these documents, please contact your CSW immediately and ask for them.  If you are having trouble communicating with your CSW, you may contact your attorney for assistance.

NOTE: The Court may keep your case open if the CSW has not provided you with the services or documents you need in order to emancipate and if the Court finds that closing your case would not be in your best interest.  Talk to your attorney if you are not ready to close your case!