Who do you call if you have a complaint or need help?

First, remember that you are not alone.  There are people and agencies that want to help you.

The first person you should call if your case is open is your Children’s Social Worker (CSW). If they aren’t able to help you, you can ask for their supervisor.  Their supervisor also has a supervisor.  Don’t give up until you get the help you need!

You can also call your dependency attorney. If you don’t know who your attorney is, or how to contact them, you can call the Children’s Law Center’s main line at (323) 980-1700, and they can look it up for you.

If your case is closed and you need help accessing housing or services, call your Transition Coordinator (TC). You can find a list of all the TCs at ilponline.org.

If you are still having problems after reaching out to the people above, you can contact the ombudsperson. An ombudsperson’s job is to resolve problems.  As a foster youth there are several different offices that you can call.  See below for all of the contact information.

If you are in Los Angeles County:
•    For problems with DCFS in general, contact the DCFS Ombudsperson at (213) 739-6454.
•    For issues with the Independent Living Program, call (877) 694-5741.  Visit http://www.ilponline.org/ombudsman/index.html to read more about all the ways this Ombudsperson can help you!
•    If you are having a problem with a group home, you can contact the Children’s Group Home Ombudsperson: (888) 445-1234 or http://grouphomeombudsman.lacounty.gov.  You can also contact the Community Care Licensing office at 310-568-1807.

If you are outside of Los Angeles:
•    The State of California also has a foster youth Ombudsperson and they can be reached at 877-846-1602.  If you live outside of Los Angeles County, and are having difficulties getting the help you need from your county’s Department of Children’s Services, contact them today!
•    If you are outside of Los Angeles County and have a problem with a group home, contact the State Community Care Licensing office at 916-651-5380.

Remember, there are lots of people available who want to help foster youth.  Keep reaching out, and you will find someone who can help!