How else can I learn about job openings and/or oportunities in my area?

Another way you can learn about job openings and/or opportunities is by contacting your CSW or TC for current job updates.

Are you interested in career areas like construction, engineering, telecommunications, IT, or accounting?  If you live in the Los Angeles area and have closed case or are preparing to close your case, ask your CSW to refer you to the Youth Career Development Program (YCDP).  YCDP is a 12- to 24-month paid internship program for youth with closed cases that provides both work experience and academic training.  The goal of the program is to prepare youth for a full-time, permanent position as a County employee.  Contact YCDP at (562) 940-2999 for more information about this program!

Also, check out where the nearest WorkSource Center is at and click here for more job search resources.