Will I need my parents’ or foster parents’ information to apply for financial aid?

No.  As long as you have or had an open case in the juvenile court (i.e. you are a foster youth) on your 13th birthday—even if you were adopted—you are considered a “ward of the court” and are deemed an “Independent Student.”  This also applies if you are in legal guardianship.  This means that you will not need to submit any tax or financial documents from your biological, adoptive, or foster parents or your legal guardians.  Your financial aid need will be based solely on your personal income and resources.


TIP:  Questions 52-60 of the FAFSA are very important because they determine how much money you will receive for school! For help with answering these questions, you can download a free guide at:

http://www.casey.org/Resources/Publications/ProvidingEffectiveFinancialAid.htm. You can also ask your social worker or attend one of the free financial aid workshops that DCFS hosts.