What if I want to go to the school near my new home, but they won’t let me enroll without my records?

Under AB 490 and the Fostering Connections Act for foster youth, and AB 2276 for probation youth, you have the right to be immediately enrolled in school even if you don’t have the necessary paperwork (like a birth certificate, immunization records, or school records).

You also have the right to be placed in a regular public school before an alternative school is chosen.  Click here for a request for immediate enrollment and update of credits.

EXAMPLE: Even if you are placed in a group home that has its own school, you have the right to attend a regular public school unless your IEP says you need a special non-public school and the group home’s school will meet your needs.

In addition, your old school must transfer all your school records to your new school within two days of any request.

If you have a problem with school enrollment, securing placement in a regular public school, or getting your school records transferred to the right place, you should call the LAUSD Foster Youth Education Liaison at (213) 241-3848 or the liaison for your school district. If you still need help, call your CSW, your dependency attorney, or click here to get help from Public Counsel.

NOTE: The law specifically says that a foster youth cannot be denied attendance or enrollment if he/she lost or cannot find his/her proof of immunization.

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