What should I do if I have a traffic citation?

Have you ever received a “traffic” ticket?  For example, did you receive a citation for truancy from school or possession of tobacco?  If so, you might have to do community service to satisfy the terms of the ticket, but in Los Angeles County you should NOT be required to pay a fine!

As a foster youth, you rely on state agencies to pay for your personal items and probably don’t have much extra money.  Requiring you to pay a fine would therefore be a great hardship, and might put you at risk of losing your driving privileges or accumulating more fines.

If you are ever ticketed and ordered to pay a fine, be sure to tell your caregiver, attorney, CSW or other advocate so that they can help you appeal the fine.  You can also click here to get help from Public Counsel.

If you received a ticket for truancy while you were on your way to school, you may be able to get the ticket dismissed.  Click here for a sample letter you can use if you experience this situation.