Do current and former foster youth get priority housing and priority enrollment on college campuses?

It depends.  California law (AB 1393) requires UCs and CSUs to give foster youth priority for on-campus housingCalifornia community colleges are not required to give priority to foster youth, but many do—check with your school.  In addition, CSUs that have student housing open during school breaks (or on a year-round basis) are required to give first priority to current and former foster youth.  UCs are only required to do so for foster youth who are otherwise eligible for a particular campus housing facility.

HOWEVER, be sure to contact your school’s Guardian Scholars program if you need help getting year-round housing and are worried that you aren’t eligible—they will usually do all that they can to make sure that you get the help you need.

California law (AB194) also requires that community colleges and CSUs give priority course enrollment to foster youth.  Make sure you talk to your foster youth support program to be sure you get priority enrollment.  Priority enrollment is not required at UCs, but many of them also offer priority enrollment as well—just ask!



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