What is the Guardian Scholars program?

The Guardian Scholars Program provides support services to current and former foster youth to help them obtain a university, community college, or trade school education.  Some schools call the Guardian Scholar Program by a different name, for example:  The Renaissance Scholars Program, The Promise Scholars Program, Independent Scholars Network Program, etc.  How each program supports current or former foster youth may differ but below are examples of some of the services that may be offered:

  • Grants and scholarships to cover tuition and living expenses,
  • Housing – priority for campus housing and availability of year-round housing either on- or off-campus
  • Academic advisement – assistance with class selection and registration,
  • Employment services, mentoring and career counseling – job placement, shadowing and advising,
  • Personal guidance, counseling, tutoring – regular contact with a consistent counselor to develop and monitor an education plan,
  • Supplemental Support Services – child care, transportation help, book and supply vouchers, etc.

Contact the college you’re interested in to see if they have specific support programs for current or former foster youth.  Make certain to ask about and sign up for the Guardian Scholars Program or a similar program when you enroll at your new college or vocational school!  You can check if the college you are interested in has a foster youth support program by going to the College Pathways website: http://www.cacollegepathways.org/explore-campus-support-programs.