How do I prove that I am or was a “ward of the court?”

You can prove that you are/were a “ward of the court” with a Ward of the Court Verification Letter This is a letter that your CSW writes on your behalf and includes your court case number and the dates when you entered and/or exited the system. Having this letter proves that you were in foster care and qualifies you for federal and state financial aid, emancipation stipends, transitional housing programs, educational scholarships and grants, and continued health care.

Make sure to ask your CSW for this letter before you leave foster care.  You can also obtain this letter from any Transition Coordinator.  Click here for a sample Ward of the Court Verification Letter.  If you are having problems obtaining a copy of this letter, please let your attorney know right away.

Additionally, the California Department of Social Services can also verify your participation in the foster care system for the purpose of financial aid eligibility.  If you are unable to obtain a Ward of the Court Verification Letter, please email to verify your status as a current or former foster youth.