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College might seem far away, but it is closer than you think! You should start thinking about what colleges and universities you would like to attend. Would you like to stay in California and attend a nearby school? Or would you rather attend college on the East Coast? Would you like to start off at a two-year community college, a vocational school, or go straight to a four-year university? These are all things you need to start considering now, as some of these decisions might also affect the type of financial aid you will need.

No matter what your decision, do not let the fact that you were in foster care get in the way! You are just as smart and capable as any other student. Start setting goals for yourself now and take the steps necessary to accomplish them. Many foster youth have attended college and go on to lead very successful lives–you, too, have the power in your hands to become the next success story. Check out to learn all about how you can succeed in college as a foster youth.