Who is eligible for ILP?

You are eligible for ILP as long as you are between 16 and 21 years old (up to and including the day before your 21st birthday) AND were just one of the following:

  • In foster care any time after your 16th birthday up to your 19th birthday, even if it was for one day,  OR
  • In foster care and adopted after your 16th birthday, OR
  • In foster care after the age of 16 and reunified with your parent(s), OR
  • In a group home any time after your 16th birthday as a result of an order by the delinquency/dependency court or placement by probation, OR
  • In placement any time after your 16th birthday in a home that is away from your parents or guardians pursuant to a court order (also known as a “suitable placement order”).

NOTE: As long as you are at least 16 years old now AND receive Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payments (“Kin-GAP”) OR are still living with the non-related legal guardian you were placed with by the dependency court after age 8, you are eligible for ILP regardless of how old you were when you exited foster care.