What is the Chafee Grant Program?

The Chafee Program is a federally funded program that gives up to $5,000 to eligible former foster youth for career and technical training or college courses at California community colleges, California State Universities, University of California campuses, career and technical schools, independent and private colleges, and schools in other states.

To apply for a Chafee Grant, you must submit a FAFSA (click here for more information about FAFSA) and the California Chafee Grant Program Application.  The Chafee Grant Program Application is available after January 1st and awards are given on a rolling basis, so you should apply as early as possible.  Not everyone who applies for the Chafee Grant will receive it the first time they apply, since funds are limited.  Priority is given to students who have applied before.  Make sure you submit a current application available during the year you are applying.  The Chafee Grant Program Application may change from year to year and your application will be returned to you if it is not the most updated version of the form.

You can find and submit the Chafee Grant Program Application online at www.chafee.csac.ca.gov, or call the California Student Aid Commission at (888) 224-7268 to have an application mailed to you.  You also need to have your CSW or TC complete the California Chafee ETV Program Certification Form.  Once submitted, you can check the status of your Chafee Grant Program Application online at the above website.  If you are having trouble with these forms, click here to get help from Public Counsel.