How do I attend a four-year college or university?

Admission to any four-year college or university is competitive.  To compete for admission to a California State University (“CSU”) or University of California (“UC”) campus, a student must have passed the “A-G” courses with a “C” or above:

  • A: 2 years of Social Science
  • B: 4 years of English
  • C: 3 years of Math (more recommended)
  • D:2 years of Laboratory Science
  • E: 2 years of Foreign Language (more recommended)
  • F: 1 year of Visual or Performing Arts
  • G: 1 year of an approved elective

Click here to see the A-G courses and the LAUSD graduation requirements side-by-side.


In addition, most college and university applications require a personal statement, letters of recommendation, a résumé, and that the student have taken the SAT or the ACT.  For more information on the SAT, go to or call (866) 630-9305.  Private colleges and universities usually have requirements similar to CSU and UC schools, but they can vary.

Talk to your high school/college counselor, your social worker, your mentor, and/or your caregiver about how to make certain that you have everything you need to get into a college or four-year university.


Here are some helpful websites if you are looking to go to college: