Should I go to a trade school or obtain vocational training?

Trade schools, like Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, are designed to prepare students to work in a trade (such as auto repair or carpentry).  Some of these schools do not require a high school diploma.  Talk to your high school/college counselor and search online for the options near you.

NOTE: Be careful when looking for trade and vocational schools.  You want to make certain that they are accredited and that employers will accept a certificate from the school.  Don’t just take the schools at their word.  Speak with graduates of the school to find out about their experience and what they are doing now.  Ask them to give you the names of employers who will accept the school’s graduates and call the employers to see what they think!  Also, private trade and vocational schools can be expensive; before signing up, check to see if you can get the same courses at a community college.

Visit the Vocational Schools Database website to search for accredited programs by zip code and by type of program.  Check out to find an accredited program in your area!