What are some credit recovery options?

There are many ways to make up credits (either because you never took the class and/or failed the class), both at your local high school and in the community.  Ask your high school counselor for necessary paperwork (i.e. concurrent enrollment form) and enroll in one of the following programs.  They are currently free for concurrently enrolled high school students with proper paperwork:
  • Online programs offered through school (i.e. APEX)
  • Adult school – can be teacher-directed or independent studies, depending on the class.  Locate adult schools at: http://californiaadultschools.org/cas/locator-map
  • Occupational Center – located within individual school districts
  • Skills Center – located within individual school districts
  • Community College – locate California community colleges at: http://californiacommunitycolleges.ccco.edu/maps/districts.asp