Now that I am eligible to work, how can I find jobs in my area?

Searching for a job might seem like an overwhelming process, but help is out there!  There are many employment centers and services that can help you both find and secure employment.

One-Stop Career Centers (also often called “WorkSource Centers”) are full-service career centers located in almost every community throughout Los Angeles County.  They offer a variety of job search services to you for free!  Examples of services include:

  • Access to job listings
  • Help with assessing your skills
  • Information about local education and training providers
  • Referrals to other government agencies

Most centers will also provide you with access to phones, fax machines, computers, and copiers.  You can even make interview appointments, use the Internet, and view job training videos!

It is your CSW’s responsibility to make sure that you are registered at WorkSource Centers.  Your ILP coordinator can also help you register.  If you have questions, you can call each center directly or dial the general information number: (888) 226-6300.  To find a WorkSource Center near you, check out:

NOTE:  As part of your TILP or ILP, your CSW should help you prepare a résumé and find a job.