How can I transfer to a four-year university from a community college?

Transferring to a UC or CSU is an option for every community college student!  There are usually resources at each college campus, called Transfer Centers, available to assist students with the transfer process. Generally, each student who is interested in transferring to a UC/CSU must:

  • Complete 60 CSU/UC transferable units (including the A-G courses) AND
  • Complete lower division courses for his or her chosen major AND
  • Have a GPA of 2.0 or higher

If you are serious about transferring to a four-year university from a community college, you should speak to your academic counselor at the community college to develop an academic transfer plan as soon as you enroll.  This will help prevent you from staying in the community college longer than needed.  Please visit  to find information about the university of your choice, your major at the school, and the lower-division courses you will need to complete to transfer to the university.