How can Extended Opportunity Programs (EOP and EOP&S) help me once I get to college?

Similar to the Guardian Scholars Program, EOP and  EOP & S’s primary goal is to encourage foster youth (and other youth who may need extra help) to enroll and stay in college, and to help you reach your goals once you get to college!  EOPS offers academic counseling, financial aid, and other support services. EOP programs are at Cal States and EOP & S are at the community colleges. Check out this website for more information about these programs:

Eligibility requirements for EOP and EOP & S vary, but usually require you to have qualified for the BOG Fee Waiver and completed the FAFSA.  Sometimes you need to have earned below a certain GPA in high school, and sometimes you need to maintain a minimum GPA while at college.  You then will need to apply at the school you are attending.  Check with your college’s EOP/ EOP &S office for details and application deadlines!