If I receive a Chafee Grant one year, can I renew it the next year?

Yes!  Your Chafee Grant may be renewed every year through your 23rd birthday.  Unlike the FAFSA, you only have to submit a Chafee Grant Program Application once.  But remember that you can lose your Chafee Grant if you do not stay in school, get failing grades, get kicked out of school, or are at risk of getting kicked out of school.

Since the Chafee Grant is federally- and  state-funded, it is subject to availability of funds.  Renewal applicants are given top priority and are awarded grants first.  It is possible that you will not get the Chafee Grant the first year you apply, but keep applying every year.   It is important that you apply for the Chafee Grant on time and that you stay in school and keep your grades up.