I Knew That I Could Do the Job

Quiyona-300pxAs a former foster youth we feel like we can’t make it. To have these people around you makes all the difference in getting the job.- Quiyona

Like a lot of former foster youth, Quiyona had few job options, and zero experience. But she did have mentors who helped her identify her skills and get her ready for her first interview.

“Mentors helped me to develop my confidence and self-esteem,” she said. “We read pamphlets about getting the job, but it’s a different thing when you’re facing that interview.”

To get ready she went through mock interviews to know what kinds of questions she would face.

“My first interview was a group interview. I wanted to walk out, but I knew that I could do the job. I claimed it in my head.”

Quiyona got the job, the first she had ever had.

“When you’re confident it comes to you.”

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